How to dress like an Italian with a wool hat and havelock

Italian fashion has long been known for its use of wool hats, hats and gloves.But the hat and glove are also a staple of everyday wear for many Italian people, and they have been an increasingly popular fashion choice for years.But the wool hat is still a popular option among Italian women, as it’s seen […]

When wool leggins make a comeback, fashion has changed for the better

Wool leggies are making a comeback in the United States, and it seems like it’s only a matter of time before they’re back in the fashion industry.Wool legging has long been a popular style for women with short legs, and now, in a trend that’s only growing, a new kind of legging is taking off.Here’s […]

Which brand is the best wool rugs?

The best wool socks are the most durable, with the best-performing wool rags being the most comfortable, according to research by luxury clothing retailer Zara.The brand, whose flagship brand Woolrich is a wool powerhouse, says the best rugs are made from merino wool.“Woolrich merino yarn is made from the highest quality sheep, sheep that are […]

Why are wool sweater jackets so hard to find?

We’re still not sure why wool jackets have become such a huge hit in the last two decades.But it might have something to do with the fact that the first major wool-making factory was located in the Netherlands, and its founder was a woman named Elisabeth van der Waals.At the height of the industrial revolution, […]

New York wool sweater and wool gloves are on sale for $8 each, but the best deal is the $10 wool sweater

New York’s wool sweater is the best bargain in the city.New York City wool sweaters are the second-best-selling item on the city’s department stores’ website, and the best-selling men’s wool gloves, according to the website for the city-owned Woolworths department store chain.The wool sweater has been the citys top seller for six months.The sweater is […]