Merino wool blankets for your baby

Merino sheep wool blankets are the perfect soft and cozy addition to any newborn baby’s crib.They’re also easy to care for and make a perfect gift.Merino wool is one of the world’s most sustainable and most durable materials.The fluffy material is made of 100% Merino.Merino is a renewable resource, with its energy coming from sunlight […]

Nike unveils new slippers and slippers with wool inserts, wool lining and synthetic soles.

Nike is coming out with new slipper and slipper-like products in a new range.The first in the new collection, which will be launched on October 12, is a wool slip.The slippers feature a wool lining, wool sole, and synthetic rubber soles, with a colour palette inspired by the classic sportswear of the 1930s.The wool slipper […]

When wool falls from the sky, it falls from your chest

Wool fluff is a pretty simple thing to understand.When it’s fluffy, it’s not really a thing at all, it just collects on your skin and dries, then eventually dries again.The wool on your chest is the result of a combination of a bunch of molecules interacting to form an elastic substance.When the molecules are removed […]

Which pairs will you buy for the new season?

A new look for wool socks, wool sneakers and merino wool shoes has been unveiled, with brands such as Woolrich, Mango, Saks and Reebok all featuring wool and polyester designs.Newly released pairs feature an upgraded wool and woolen construction, as well as a mesh and cotton construction for extra warmth.Socks and sneakers featuring wool will […]

How to choose the perfect wool comforters for your home

With temperatures dropping and winter months starting to get underway, you’ll want to get your home cozy.Here are some tips to help you choose the right comforting material.1.Choose a soft fabric that will be comfortable for you 2.Make sure your comfortery fabric is durable and washable 3.Choose comfortered wool that is breathable and washwear-friendly for […]