When wool is no longer an essential, it’s time to rethink the industry

By Jessica BiedermanPublished Nov 15, 2017 09:20:10A new era in wool production has begun.Wool is no more an essential ingredient in woolen apparel.The industry is changing, and it’s all thanks to a small but growing number of companies that are producing more than the industry once thought possible.The industry is now producing wool in China, […]

Woolen cap with wool applique kit, woolen wool hair

Woolen caps are getting some love.A pair of wool hats have been making the rounds on Etsy and Etsy sellers are selling them on eBay.Some sellers are calling them the “wool cap of the future.”Here are a few more examples:A Woolen hat with wool hair embroidered with wool,coppers, and wool beads.A hat made with wool […]