Why a Wool Dress Is Not Just for Women

Wool dresses, traditionally made from wool, have long been the go-to choice for women.But these dresses are becoming increasingly outdated, and many have been made in such poor conditions that they often can’t even be washed.They are also not as fashionable or functional as their wool counterparts, making them a trendier alternative for many.This post […]

Awwww, the kids can’t wear the wool skirt. But can they play with it?

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‘Paloma woolen’ jacket: ‘I was really worried’

This is the second time Paloma Woolen Mills has faced a lawsuit from consumers after it sold a product to a company it accused of falsely advertising.In September, a jury awarded $1.5 million in a class-action lawsuit against the California-based company, accusing it of misleading consumers and selling a false wool coat.In the suit, the […]

How to dye your wool skirt

Wool is the most important fiber in clothing, and this dress by Gisele Bundchen has it covered.If you don’t have any wool, this one from Zara has a similar look.You can also use any yarn that is available in the U.S. for this.Gisel Bundchen’s wool skirt is available for $110 at Nordstrom.You could also dye […]