How to dress like an immigrant and keep it off in the US

A new book says the best way to look like an American is to wear an American style wool hat.The author, Michelle Dickey, is a professor at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.She is the author of “The American Wool Hat.”The book, “The Wools and Wigs of America: The Definitive Guide to American Wools” is […]

Belted wool jacket with diamond wool pads and hair

Belted woollen jackets are a staple for many NHL teams.This particular model is made of a lightweight wool and features a diamond-patterned leather patch.The diamond patch on the collar can be removed with a little ingenuity.The team has made sure to include a pair of diamond wool pad holders, which can be used to hang […]

How to dress like an Italian with a wool hat and havelock

Italian fashion has long been known for its use of wool hats, hats and gloves.But the hat and glove are also a staple of everyday wear for many Italian people, and they have been an increasingly popular fashion choice for years.But the wool hat is still a popular option among Italian women, as it’s seen […]

How the world’s most beautiful wool hat became a $15 million piece of apparel

A pair of wool-wrapped leather hats was once an item of luxury, but they’ve since become part of the world of fashion.Today, they’re being worn by people from around the world, who use them as accessories to mark their status in their social circles.And with wool-based yarn, they’ve become a fashionable way to pay homage […]

Why I wore a wool hair dress

This is one of the most classic styles of winter wedding dress, and one that you should be able to find in any vintage department store or online.But if you can’t find it, there are ways to transform a plain wool hair gown into a winter wedding gown that will make it more appealing and […]

Woolen cap with wool applique kit, woolen wool hair

Woolen caps are getting some love.A pair of wool hats have been making the rounds on Etsy and Etsy sellers are selling them on eBay.Some sellers are calling them the “wool cap of the future.”Here are a few more examples:A Woolen hat with wool hair embroidered with wool,coppers, and wool beads.A hat made with wool […]