The white wool is so white it’s like white marble! – Business Insider

By now, you’re probably familiar with the classic photo of a white woolen coat hanging in a white velvet box at the end of a line at a red woolen mill.But if you’re a redhead, you might not know this particular story about a red woman and her red wool coat.That’s because it’s not the […]

When to wear a wool hat and wool hat-wearing mens wool coats

Wool hats and wool hats-waving mens coat are great for people who like to dress casually but also want to make their coats look good.But, these coats are also a bit bulky, and a little expensive to wear.Plus, wool hats and mens coats are a bit hard to keep clean, and it’s also a little […]

A group of sheep farmers in northern Australia have started using a new breed of sheep that can cope with drought.

Sheep farmers in north-eastern Australia have used a new breeding technique to increase their herd sizes by a third and have even created a wool roving program to supplement their wool rowing.According to ABC Radio’s The Drum, the new breed is called white wool, which is produced by combining the wool from white-faced sheep and […]

What is Needle Felting?

By The Author | May 05, 2018 06:24:52With all the attention paid to woolen apparel, the last thing you’d expect to see is needle felting.There are many misconceptions about the process, and most woolen producers don’t use it at all.The process is actually quite simple, with a few variations depending on the yarn, the color […]

Woolen coat in wool form is a cool thing

Woolen coats are still a cool item to own and wear in a variety of styles.But now they’re available in wool from the wool industry and in men’s wool from wool makers.The wool coat is the ultimate option for women and children in the winter and for adults looking for a casual wool coat that […]