Alpaca Wool and Company Introduces A New Series of Woven Socks

Woven socks are the first thing that most people would expect to see on a toddler’s feet. But for many parents, the transition from wool to alpaca and goatskin is a challenge. Alpaca’s woolen, goatskin, and linen blends have made them durable, light, and breathable. And they have helped reduce allergies and other illnesses associated with wool allergies. “Woven […]

How to use a wool scarf to create socks

The process of making wool socks can be intimidating, especially for beginners.That’s why we created this guide to show you how to make your own wool scarf.The wool itself has a special structure, so the fabric has to be very soft, yet stretchy.Wool is also the most versatile fabric, with its properties being found in […]

‘Chunky’ wool blankets from Woolworths are ‘a steal’

Woolworth’s wool blankets are a “real bargain” at just $25 for a three-month supply.The range comes in a range of colours and styles.It includes a “chunky” wool blanket that comes in three styles, the “cute” wool one, the plush wool one and the “wooly” wool and “cotton” one.The Woolworth-owned stores sell them in packs of […]

How to Get a Wool-Fitted Coat in 5 Easy Steps

When you’re in need of a wool-fitted coat for your kids, or for a little extra warmth, we’re here to help.A wool-clad wool coat is great for the colder months, when your kids won’t be cold.But for warmer months, or in hot weather, it can add warmth and keep you cool.Here’s how to get the […]