Alpaca Wool and Company Introduces A New Series of Woven Socks

Woven socks are the first thing that most people would expect to see on a toddler’s feet. But for many parents, the transition from wool to alpaca and goatskin is a challenge. Alpaca’s woolen, goatskin, and linen blends have made them durable, light, and breathable. And they have helped reduce allergies and other illnesses associated with wool allergies. “Woven […]

How to wash your socks in a water-resistant bucket

In the event you’re looking to make sure your socks are water-repellent, consider wearing a bucket, according to a new study published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives.Researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison used a new technique to analyze the water content of 10 million samples from a variety of products including wool socks, hand […]