Paloma Wool Socks – Wool Sweater

Paloma is known for its luxurious, luxurious wool socks.The brand has always been known for producing premium wool socks, but now they’ve brought back their beloved Paloma wool sweaters.Paloma’s Paloma Series wool socks are now available for purchase on, starting at just $30 USD.The website lists a special offer for Paloma series wool […]

Why I wore a wool sweater and wool sweater sleeve

I’m not the only person who wears wool sweaters or wool sweater sleeves.I also have my own personal collection of wool sweater and sweater sleeves that I keep in my office wardrobe.I have also worn wool sweating pants and a wool sweated sweater vest in the past.These sweaters and sleeves have given me some amazing […]

Why do women prefer the wool over the polyester in their lingerie?

By now, most of you have heard about the ‘woolgate’ saga, where a group of designers took a few pieces of clothing and rebranded them as wool-inspired items in an effort to increase sales.This trend has since seen a lot of women’s style brands go down the rabbit hole and offer up some of the […]