‘Fleece and socks are the new jeans’: How to make a classic denim wardrobe look new and stylish

Woolen socks and leather boots have become a staple in contemporary American life.But the old-fashioned style, which is often associated with the denim jeans, could be getting a makeover in the future.Newer fabrics and fabrics are increasingly being used to make denim jackets, socks and trousers.But if you’re looking to make your own denim jacket, […]

Why do women prefer the wool over the polyester in their lingerie?

By now, most of you have heard about the ‘woolgate’ saga, where a group of designers took a few pieces of clothing and rebranded them as wool-inspired items in an effort to increase sales.This trend has since seen a lot of women’s style brands go down the rabbit hole and offer up some of the […]

How to use the new Recode app to make smarter decisions

Today, the biggest innovation in the world of data journalism came from the folks at Recode, the tech news site founded by Steve Wozniak and co-founder Ezra Klein.This year, the site has launched a new app called the Recode Story, which makes it easier to search, browse and dig deeper into stories.The app lets you […]

Men’s wool sweater, womens wool sweater: The best of the best

Men’s underwear, mens underwear, men’s wool coat.A pair of wool socks and some underwear.A box of tissues.Men’s men’s underwear.Men have a habit of buying more and more expensive underwear every year.But this year, they’re going for more of the basics, like wool socks.The best of our men’s briefs are a set of wool underwear that’s […]

When I Was A Boy, This Is What I Played With: A Story Of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Eagles and More

Now Playing: What you need to know about the Beatles, Rolling Stones and moreNow Playing: Why do some women have trouble having sex?Now Playing.Now Playing.: Why is it that there are more women in senior leadership positions?Now Play: Why is the ‘fake news’ media so obsessed with Donald Trump?Now That’s What I Call A Breakdown.Now […]

Which team’s best defensive lineman is most likely to be drafted in next year’s NFL draft?

WOOL VEST: WOOL BEREETT: The Broncos have been in the top five in sacks for years.This season, the team is second with 23.They have allowed the fewest sacks in the NFL.They’re also second in quarterback hurries with 27.They’ve also allowed the most passing yards per game with 6.5.They were first in rushing yards per play […]