‘Fleece and socks are the new jeans’: How to make a classic denim wardrobe look new and stylish

Woolen socks and leather boots have become a staple in contemporary American life.But the old-fashioned style, which is often associated with the denim jeans, could be getting a makeover in the future.Newer fabrics and fabrics are increasingly being used to make denim jackets, socks and trousers.But if you’re looking to make your own denim jacket, […]

What do you do when you are in a wheelchair and want to get the most out of your wheelchair?

The word ‘chair’ is often used as a synonym for ‘wheelchair’ and as such the term ‘chairlift’ can be a bit of a misnomer.It is not only used to refer to an outdoor, wheeled wheelchair but also to those that are designed for the indoor environment.It refers to the large wheel-chairs that are used in […]

Howdy, the new wool film!

Wool shag rugs have become so popular in India, that they have even been seen in movies, even ones starring actors from the U.S. and Australia.Now, a new film titled Howdy will bring them to India.Director G.V. Rajputam said the film, a co-production between the filmmakers and the Mumbai-based producer R.R. Gopala, will chronicle the […]