This is a new way to make Minecraft blocks, and it’s really good

Wool is a very versatile material.It can be made into everything from insulation to clothing and even into blocks for your next project.Wool is so versatile that it can even be used in a new kind of Minecraft mod.The first of these is Wool Base Layer, a project that takes wool from wool that you’ve […]

A new breed of Australian woolen jacket with a history

When I first walked through the gates at Australia’s national parks, I was shocked to see the colourful colours of the jackets and woolen trousers, and also the fact that the jackets were made from imported Australian wool.The woolen t shirts are one of the oldest and most iconic of Australian clothing.For a while, they […]

How to make the best boiled wool slipper

What you need to know about boiled wool.Posted on Monday, March 24, 2018 15:22:17If you’re not familiar with boiled wool, it’s a very special fabric that is made from wool, usually woven by hand, to be used as a fabric for other items.Boiled wool is a very versatile fabric that’s often used for socks, shoes, […]