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What do you do when you are in a wheelchair and want to get the most out of your wheelchair?

The word ‘chair’ is often used as a synonym for ‘wheelchair’ and as such the term ‘chairlift’ can be a bit of a misnomer.It is not only used to refer to an outdoor, wheeled wheelchair but also to those that are designed for the indoor environment.It refers to the large wheel-chairs that are used in […]

‘Chunky’ wool blankets from Woolworths are ‘a steal’

Woolworth’s wool blankets are a “real bargain” at just $25 for a three-month supply.The range comes in a range of colours and styles.It includes a “chunky” wool blanket that comes in three styles, the “cute” wool one, the plush wool one and the “wooly” wool and “cotton” one.The Woolworth-owned stores sell them in packs of […]

How to use the new Recode app to make smarter decisions

Today, the biggest innovation in the world of data journalism came from the folks at Recode, the tech news site founded by Steve Wozniak and co-founder Ezra Klein.This year, the site has launched a new app called the Recode Story, which makes it easier to search, browse and dig deeper into stories.The app lets you […]

Howdy, the new wool film!

Wool shag rugs have become so popular in India, that they have even been seen in movies, even ones starring actors from the U.S. and Australia.Now, a new film titled Howdy will bring them to India.Director G.V. Rajputam said the film, a co-production between the filmmakers and the Mumbai-based producer R.R. Gopala, will chronicle the […]

Wool hat in wool slippers?

Wool hat?What is this?Why are these things made of wool?It’s all part of a debate that is playing out around the world as governments struggle to tackle the epidemic of climate change and global warming, particularly in countries like China and India.It is a complicated and often contentious topic, but one that can be summed […]