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The white wool is so white it’s like white marble! – Business Insider

By now, you’re probably familiar with the classic photo of a white woolen coat hanging in a white velvet box at the end of a line at a red woolen mill.But if you’re a redhead, you might not know this particular story about a red woman and her red wool coat.That’s because it’s not the […]

Wool yarn costs $60 in a flea market

Wool yarn is one of the most sought-after items at flea markets, where it’s the most expensive and most sought after, but it’s also one of its most sought out items. According to WoolLab, the cheapest and most common wool yarns on sale in the United States are made by Merino.The most expensive yarns, however, are […]

Paloma Wool Socks – Wool Sweater

Paloma is known for its luxurious, luxurious wool socks.The brand has always been known for producing premium wool socks, but now they’ve brought back their beloved Paloma wool sweaters.Paloma’s Paloma Series wool socks are now available for purchase on, starting at just $30 USD.The website lists a special offer for Paloma series wool […]

Wool slippers are becoming fashion icons as Australian women take on the men’s shoes

Wool slipper trend is a classic Australian fashion trend.In the past few years, a womens wool slipper has become a popular choice for Australian men.A lot of men in the western world wear these slippers every day, and they have become an icon for the western men.Men and women alike use them for their fashion […]

Alpaca Wool and Company Introduces A New Series of Woven Socks

Woven socks are the first thing that most people would expect to see on a toddler’s feet. But for many parents, the transition from wool to alpaca and goatskin is a challenge. Alpaca’s woolen, goatskin, and linen blends have made them durable, light, and breathable. And they have helped reduce allergies and other illnesses associated with wool allergies. “Woven […]

Wool is going extinct in Australia: the science behind the collapse

Australian wool production is in a precarious position after an Australian wool farmer is said to have suffered a rare, life-threatening condition called cotton wool dementia.A report released on Thursday by the Australian Wool Council found the farmer, whose name was not released due to a health and safety policy, was in a condition known […]