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How to turn a wool shirt into a knitting sweater, the definitive guide

In a world where knitters are becoming increasingly aware of their skills and the importance of using wool in their own clothing, there’s been a proliferation of wool knitters’ resources.While the yarn has its uses in the garment industry, wool knitchers use it in a number of different ways.Knitting, for example, is a great way […]

How the GOP is losing its grip on America

Republicans are losing control of both houses of Congress.They’re also losing control over their own party.In the first half of the year, the House of Representatives and Senate have gone through three elections, losing two seats each.The Senate has lost four seats.In fact, Democrats have gained five seats in the House since the mid-2010 midterms.In […]

Is wool vegan?

The first question to ask about a garment made of wool is if it’s vegan.Woven yarn is a vegan product, but it’s still a highly controversial one, with some people arguing that the animals who produce it aren’t being treated fairly.To help answer this question, we looked into a few of the biggest questions that […]