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When your clothing comes from a machine

A new report by the U.K.-based independent consultancy, Wearing, claims that many women are “still finding themselves wondering why they can’t wear clothes made with natural fibers.”Wearing’s report focuses on a few countries, such as China, Japan, the United States, and the European Union, but also examines a wider array of countries.The report’s authors note […]

How to knit up a wools socks men

When I was growing up in Queensland, my father’s friends would gather around the dining table and tell stories about how they would knit up their wools as they went along.The wools we would use to cover the kitchen sink, for example, were usually made from the wool of the local sheep.Today, these wool socks […]

‘Fleece and socks are the new jeans’: How to make a classic denim wardrobe look new and stylish

Woolen socks and leather boots have become a staple in contemporary American life.But the old-fashioned style, which is often associated with the denim jeans, could be getting a makeover in the future.Newer fabrics and fabrics are increasingly being used to make denim jackets, socks and trousers.But if you’re looking to make your own denim jacket, […]

When wool falls from the sky, it falls from your chest

Wool fluff is a pretty simple thing to understand.When it’s fluffy, it’s not really a thing at all, it just collects on your skin and dries, then eventually dries again.The wool on your chest is the result of a combination of a bunch of molecules interacting to form an elastic substance.When the molecules are removed […]

Belted wool jacket with diamond wool pads and hair

Belted woollen jackets are a staple for many NHL teams.This particular model is made of a lightweight wool and features a diamond-patterned leather patch.The diamond patch on the collar can be removed with a little ingenuity.The team has made sure to include a pair of diamond wool pad holders, which can be used to hang […]