How to turn a wool shirt into a knitting sweater, the definitive guide

In a world where knitters are becoming increasingly aware of their skills and the importance of using wool in their own clothing, there’s been a proliferation of wool knitters’ resources.While the yarn has its uses in the garment industry, wool knitchers use it in a number of different ways.Knitting, for example, is a great way […]

When do you feel like the next big thing in wool blankets?

Wool blankets are the next great thing in your closet, so when do you start thinking about making them?The answer might surprise you.Wool blankets are actually quite easy to make, and they can be a great gift idea for the holidays, too.The main difference between these wool blankets and the more traditional ones you might […]

Wool is going extinct in Australia: the science behind the collapse

Australian wool production is in a precarious position after an Australian wool farmer is said to have suffered a rare, life-threatening condition called cotton wool dementia.A report released on Thursday by the Australian Wool Council found the farmer, whose name was not released due to a health and safety policy, was in a condition known […]

When you’re stuck with a wool wrap coat you can wear under a wool tux

Wool wraps are becoming more and more popular as winter comes to an end, and many of us are still trying to get our outfits on and out of the house without too much hassle.Whether it’s a wool beanie, wool sweater, or wool blanket, there’s something for everyone.Whether you’re looking for a warm sweater or […]