The white wool is so white it’s like white marble! – Business Insider

By now, you’re probably familiar with the classic photo of a white woolen coat hanging in a white velvet box at the end of a line at a red woolen mill.But if you’re a redhead, you might not know this particular story about a red woman and her red wool coat.That’s because it’s not the […]

Paloma Wool Socks – Wool Sweater

Paloma is known for its luxurious, luxurious wool socks.The brand has always been known for producing premium wool socks, but now they’ve brought back their beloved Paloma wool sweaters.Paloma’s Paloma Series wool socks are now available for purchase on, starting at just $30 USD.The website lists a special offer for Paloma series wool […]

Alpaca Wool and Company Introduces A New Series of Woven Socks

Woven socks are the first thing that most people would expect to see on a toddler’s feet. But for many parents, the transition from wool to alpaca and goatskin is a challenge. Alpaca’s woolen, goatskin, and linen blends have made them durable, light, and breathable. And they have helped reduce allergies and other illnesses associated with wool allergies. “Woven […]

Which Alpaca Fur Is The Best For The Job?

Mining giant Valeant has announced that it has acquired Alpac Fur, a synthetic wool from the Alpuma family, for $3 billion.The deal will see Valeant merge with Alpamash, a major wool producers based in the UK, in a $20 billion global textile industry.The announcement comes just two days after the US government approved the sale […]

When to wear a wool hat and wool hat-wearing mens wool coats

Wool hats and wool hats-waving mens coat are great for people who like to dress casually but also want to make their coats look good.But, these coats are also a bit bulky, and a little expensive to wear.Plus, wool hats and mens coats are a bit hard to keep clean, and it’s also a little […]

Why I wore a wool sweater and wool sweater sleeve

I’m not the only person who wears wool sweaters or wool sweater sleeves.I also have my own personal collection of wool sweater and sweater sleeves that I keep in my office wardrobe.I have also worn wool sweating pants and a wool sweated sweater vest in the past.These sweaters and sleeves have given me some amazing […]

Which wool and wool jackets are the best for women?

Merino wool is one of the most popular wool fabrics.It’s also known as woolen and it has the lowest cost of manufacture compared to other types of wool.Merino is known for its high elasticity, strength and softness.Merinos are also incredibly versatile and can be worn for both casual and formal occasions. Merino wool has a good […]

Why wool allergies are on the rise

Wool allergies are an epidemic, with a rise in cases in the U.S. over the past five years, according to a report released Wednesday by the American Conservative.The conservative publication, which is owned by the conservative-leaning American Family Association, said the number of wool allergies had grown to nearly 6.5 million, up from about 1.4 […]