How to dress like an immigrant and keep it off in the US

A new book says the best way to look like an American is to wear an American style wool hat.The author, Michelle Dickey, is a professor at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.She is the author of “The American Wool Hat.”The book, “The Wools and Wigs of America: The Definitive Guide to American Wools” is […]

How to find the best wool fabric for wool clothing

WOOL INNOVATION MERINO WOOL MERINO is a wool fabric with a unique blend of the merino and alpaca fibers.It is an ultra-lightweight, highly absorbent fabric, which makes it a great choice for casual wear, while also providing a comfortable, lightweight alternative to a more traditional fabric for winter coats.It’s a blend of three main fiber […]

How the GOP is losing its grip on America

Republicans are losing control of both houses of Congress.They’re also losing control over their own party.In the first half of the year, the House of Representatives and Senate have gone through three elections, losing two seats each.The Senate has lost four seats.In fact, Democrats have gained five seats in the House since the mid-2010 midterms.In […]

When to buy wool felt?

When you see the word wool, it means a soft, breathable material.However, wool is made from a variety of plants and animals, and it’s one of the most widely used fabrics in the world.Wool can be used in a wide variety of fabrics, including: T-shirts, jackets, pants, shirts, and even sweaters.Wool also is a very […]

Why do wool coats look so wooly?

The woolen coats of today are not just an iconic look, they are a major contributor to the health of the environment and the environment’s health.Wool coats absorb water and have been shown to have an environmental benefit as well as a health benefit.But why do woolen clothes look so darn white?The answer may surprise […]

The white wool is so white it’s like white marble! – Business Insider

By now, you’re probably familiar with the classic photo of a white woolen coat hanging in a white velvet box at the end of a line at a red woolen mill.But if you’re a redhead, you might not know this particular story about a red woman and her red wool coat.That’s because it’s not the […]