Nike unveils new slippers and slippers with wool inserts, wool lining and synthetic soles.

Nike is coming out with new slipper and slipper-like products in a new range.

The first in the new collection, which will be launched on October 12, is a wool slip.

The slippers feature a wool lining, wool sole, and synthetic rubber soles, with a colour palette inspired by the classic sportswear of the 1930s.

The wool slipper is available in a range of colours including grey, pink, orange, and yellow, as well as a black and white version.

Nike’s new line of slippers will be available in two different styles, a medium-low silhouette with an “open toe” heel and a more formal silhouette with a “closed toe” toe.

The shoe will also feature a new mesh upper, which Nike claims “provides maximum comfort in the long run.”

Nike will offer the slippers in a variety of sizes.

The medium-high model will come in at 6.8oz, while the medium-loft version will come with a 6.5oz heel.

Both models are available for $190 USD.

The Nike slippers are part of Nike’s ‘The Originals’ series, a collection of high-end footwear that features the most iconic footwear from the company’s history.