How to dress like an immigrant and keep it off in the US

A new book says the best way to look like an American is to wear an American style wool hat.

The author, Michelle Dickey, is a professor at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

She is the author of “The American Wool Hat.”

The book, “The Wools and Wigs of America: The Definitive Guide to American Wools” is out on July 22.

She says it’s important to remember that the hat comes from the country, and that the people wearing the hat are Americans.

She said it’s also important to understand that wool hats are made by people who have the skills, knowledge and resources to produce them.

Dickey said the best time to wear a wool hat is after you’ve left your home country.

She added that wool hat sales have been on the rise.

Delly also said wool hats make good gifts, as people who are visiting the United States can buy them and put them on.

The wool hat makes an attractive gift for those who like to make a statement and who want to show off their American heritage.