How to wear your wool to the icebreaker

A pair of wool socks might not be as comfy as a pair of cotton socks, but they can be worn to the rink.

A pair or two of these socks are ideal for icebreakers.

A warm pair of icebreaker socks is not only stylish but also a great way to help prevent blisters on the ice and to keep your hands warm during a hard day.

A warmer pair of socks is also good for keeping you warm in the summer and keeping your body warm in cold weather.

Here are some tips to make your wool socks look even better.1.

Don’t wear too many socks.

If you’re wearing a wool sock, you might want to keep it to two to three socks per person.

For a pair, you’ll need to be wearing two to four socks at a time.2.

Don’ t wear too much wool.

A wool sock can be made into three or four socks.

When it’s warm, a warm pair will give you a warmer feel.3.

Don t wear wool socks with jeans.

While they look better, they’re not the same as wool socks.

They’re more like a wool sweater.4.

Don”t wear wool underpants.

You don”t want to leave your feet bare.

If they’re wool under pants, try not to wear them.5.

Don`t wear the wrong socks.

Some people wear wool sock socks with the wrong underwear.

The wool socks can be too warm.6.

Try wearing the same pair of white socks to every icebreaker.

They’ll look even nicer if they’re worn with different underwear.7.

Keep your hands cool.

Wool socks with different styles can make for a great pair of gloves.

A white pair with dark red soles and white soles looks great on your hands and knees.8.

Try a different sock for each rink.

If the rink has different ice conditions, you may want to try different socks.9.

Wear your socks with a hat and jacket.

If your jacket is wool, you can wear a wool hat.

If it’s cotton, you need a wool coat.10.

Make your own socks.

A couple of different types of wool can be used to make a pair.

For the icebreakers, wool is a good choice because it absorbs heat and is a great insulation layer.

Wool also doesn”t shrink when it cools.11.

Wear a different pair of underwear.

Wool underwear is best for summer, especially if you”re wearing a sweater.12.

Don a jacket with a wool shirt.

Wool jacket looks better on your back than cotton underwear.13.

Wear the right gloves.

Wool gloves are good for cold weather, especially in the heat.14.

Wear shoes with the right socks.

Shoes with a thick rubber sole are best for icebreaker wear, and they don” t shrink when they cool.15.

Use a hat with a jacket.

A hat with thick rubber soles keeps your face warm and gives you the right amount of insulation.16.

Wear socks with your jacket.

They”ll give you an extra layer of warmth.