Why I love my alpacas blanket

My blanket is one of the most comfortable things I have ever worn.

It has been a huge comfort booster during winter months.

I have no doubt that I will keep it for a long time to come.

Alpacas are a great example of domesticated animals that are able to adapt to our own ways of living.

I was raised on alpacas, so I understand the importance of maintaining an alpacoa as part of our lifestyle.

I am also grateful to have a pet who knows and loves me well enough to be my best friend.

But, if I am not getting the alpaque blanket I am looking for, I will always look for something else.

I love the way the blanket is folded and how the wool feels.

It is comfortable to wear, yet the fabric is soft enough to stretch over time.

The color is lovely and the color scheme is gorgeous.

I will be looking to find a more suitable alpabee blanket in the near future.

The alpaceas wool blanket is available now for $25 on Alpaca World. Read more