When do you feel like the next big thing in wool blankets?

Wool blankets are the next great thing in your closet, so when do you start thinking about making them?

The answer might surprise you.

Wool blankets are actually quite easy to make, and they can be a great gift idea for the holidays, too.

The main difference between these wool blankets and the more traditional ones you might be used to is that wool blankets are made of natural fibres, and are meant to be warm and comfortable.

The wool blanket you see above is made of a lightweight, soft fabric that can be folded into a ball or ball of felt, as shown in the picture below.

The blankets are not made with any glue, so they will last for months without breaking.

The blanket shown in this video is made using natural fibre wool.

You can also make a lightweight wool blanket for yourself by knitting a small circle of wool, then using a knitting needle to sew it on.

This can be made using any yarn, and will stretch out even more when you wear it.

The best way to make a wool blanket is to get a friend or family member to make it for you, and then give them a few blankets.

This way, you can make the blankets for them at home for free.