Which pairs will you buy for the new season?

A new look for wool socks, wool sneakers and merino wool shoes has been unveiled, with brands such as Woolrich, Mango, Saks and Reebok all featuring wool and polyester designs.

Newly released pairs feature an upgraded wool and woolen construction, as well as a mesh and cotton construction for extra warmth.

Socks and sneakers featuring wool will be available in a range of colours, including the classic grey and navy, as they debut in the first half of 2019.

Other styles include a black-and-white palette, which includes a pair of black wool socks and a pair with a white wool upper.

The Woolrich Wool socks, designed by the Australian company’s founder and chief executive, John Huggins, feature an innovative design which is designed to be a perfect fit for the wearer’s feet.

“Woolrich Wool is a family-owned brand, which has made an indelible mark on the footwear industry with its innovative footwear designs for the last 50 years,” Mr Huggs said.

“As the first major wool brand to embrace a synthetic construction in footwear, the Woolrich collection of footwear is a major milestone for Woolrich and its brand, and a testament to Woolrich’s continuing commitment to its commitment to the wool industry.”

WoolRich’s collaboration with Reeboks is set to be the first time the footwear giant has partnered with a footwear brand in Australia.

It will be the second time Woolrich has worked with Rebok, as the Australian-owned shoe company has also partnered with the designer on a range, including a range with suede, suede and suede blend options.

Wool Rich has been recognised with the AFR in 2017, with the brand receiving the Gold Label for the brand’s innovation in footwear.

In 2017, the company earned a gold-standard in footwear design, with a range that was named the “most versatile footwear of 2017”.

It also won a prestigious Design Award in 2018, recognising WoolRich for its footwear design and innovation.