How to make a wool blanket

How to create a woolen blanket in a single evening?

That was my challenge last year, and my new project is a simple woolen shawl.

In this post, I’ll show you how to create this simple blanket with two simple ingredients.

You can also see the finished product below.

The blanket will be made with woolen fabric and will be very warm.

For those of you who prefer a different look, I also have another wool blanket tutorial available on my blog.

For those of us who like to make our own wool blankets, the woolen slippers are a great way to create that same blanket.

You will need to choose your preferred size and make sure that the slippers have enough room for your foot and footwear.

There are several different sizes and patterns that can be used, so be sure to read the directions before beginning.

The slippers can be made using the following:  a large size (I used a medium), a small size (medium, small, and small), a medium size (small), or a small and medium size.

I chose the large size because I felt that the yarn would be much longer and more stretchy than the smaller sizes. 

I also bought two pairs of the wool slipper socks for this project.

The larger size will make a better blanket because it is thicker and will not shrink.

You’ll need to measure the length of each sock and measure how much of the sock will be on your foot.

Measure the length and width of the length, then cut each sock in half and mark the length.

Cut the remaining length from each side, making sure that there is enough room between the two pieces.

Then cut each half length in half again and mark where the next length will go.

Repeat these steps for each sock length.

You should end up with two slippers. 

Make sure that your socks have enough space to keep your foot on each side of the blanket. 

To finish, you’ll need two sets of socks, one set for each foot, so make sure you have enough socks to complete the project.

If you prefer, you can purchase the slipper and socks from your favorite knit shop.

You can use a large-sized yarn for this pattern.

I used a size 10.5 mm hook for the slippered sock.

I also used a 3.0 mm hook.

For the blanket, I used the largest yarn I could find, which was a 10.0-11.5.

The pattern for the blanket is available at

For my next project, I’m going to make an afghan with a white woolen sock.

There are several tutorials available on on how to make socks, and you can make socks out of a variety of yarns.

Here are the tutorials that I’ve found most useful:  Woolen socks for beginners: https://www, Woolen sock pattern: https://www., Woolen lace pattern: Woolen yarn sock pattern https. 

Wool socks for more advanced knitter:  https://www, Woolen pattern for a wool sock pattern for an afagh:  https, knitmatterting.

com/?p =2744 Woolen knitting socks: http.knit matters.

com/womens-womyn-knits/warp-pattern-library/worsts-knit-skins-wearing-a-white-waxed-needle/ How to knit sock  https.

knitmatters .