Paloma Wool Socks – Wool Sweater

Paloma is known for its luxurious, luxurious wool socks.

The brand has always been known for producing premium wool socks, but now they’ve brought back their beloved Paloma wool sweaters.

Paloma’s Paloma Series wool socks are now available for purchase on, starting at just $30 USD.

The website lists a special offer for Paloma series wool socks that will be extended to April 10th.

These socks will be available in a variety of colors and sizes, including white and blue.

Palia’s original Paloma line has also been available for several years.

While the Paloma yarns have been a staple in the Palia line, they are no longer available on the Palaeas website.

Palola has also launched Paloma Sweatshoes, which will also be available for $30USD.

This Paloma knitwear line also includes a wide range of paloma sweaters, from a variety that includes grey to a wide variety of grey-colored socks.

Palma’s Palma series of wool socks can be found on the paloma website and online.