How to dress like an Italian with a wool hat and havelock

Italian fashion has long been known for its use of wool hats, hats and gloves.

But the hat and glove are also a staple of everyday wear for many Italian people, and they have been an increasingly popular fashion choice for years.

But the wool hat is still a popular option among Italian women, as it’s seen as the quintessential style, particularly among older generations.

While a wool havelok can be found in many European countries, Italy has traditionally favored its traditional style of hats and accessories.

While the wool havok is still popular, it’s no longer as popular as it once was.

A report from the Institute for Global Fashion found that the number of people in Italy wearing wool hats has declined by 35 percent in the past decade, from nearly 20 million to just 3 million.

But many people in the country are still wearing their wool hats.

The Italian Institute for Fashion and Design estimates that nearly 60 percent of Italian women own wool hats at least once a year, and 40 percent wear them during their weekdays.

A survey of 3,000 Italians last year found that 54 percent of them owned a hat or glove and 25 percent had a hat with a havelark.