Why do women prefer the wool over the polyester in their lingerie?

By now, most of you have heard about the ‘woolgate’ saga, where a group of designers took a few pieces of clothing and rebranded them as wool-inspired items in an effort to increase sales.

This trend has since seen a lot of women’s style brands go down the rabbit hole and offer up some of the most ridiculous looks to date, including a crop top with a pair of wool shorts and an oversize wool jacket with a faux leather skirt.

However, the issue with wool isn’t about whether it’s the best material to go under a skirt or to put under a shirt.

Rather, it’s about whether wool is good for you.

In a nutshell, wool is a soft, breathable material that has been used for centuries to create a durable, lightweight fabric.

It’s incredibly soft and lightweight, and it’s not hard to find wool on the market.

But it’s also extremely heavy, and can be very expensive.

It also doesn’t provide enough support, especially on the back.

It can make a pair, say, of wool socks very uncomfortable.

So, why do women find wool so comfortable and attractive?

Wool has a high density and a high elasticity.

It feels comfortable on the skin and is incredibly soft.

So, a woman who wants to wear a pair (or even a pair in some cases) of wool underwear will find herself in good shape if she chooses to wear it under her underpants.

The downside to wool is that it can be incredibly expensive to wear wool underwear.

For the same weight, it would be nearly twice as expensive to buy the same pair of underwear made from 100% polyester.

This is not to say that polyester is perfect, but it’s definitely worth considering.

Wool also has a fairly unique design.

While polyester doesn’t have the same durability as wool, it does have more stretch, meaning it can withstand the wear and tear of a lot more than wool.

Warmers and fashionistas alike are now making an effort not to make wool underwear from wool, as this would be very wasteful.

However, some designers have started experimenting with polyester, and a few are using it to make garments.

A few weeks ago, we had the opportunity to see what a few designers are doing with this new material.

The results are pretty stunning.

We went to the womenswear designer, Anna Cade, who is also the creator of the merino wool sweater and merino-wool beanie.

She has been working with polyethylene (PET) and polyester for many years.

She says:When you get to the merina wool, that’s where the magic happens.

You get the stretch, you get the softness, you got the durability.

I love the feel of it, but also how soft it is, because it is really soft.

We use it to sew our merino merino underwear.

And we’re really proud of that.

I can actually see why some of my colleagues might be disappointed.

They’re very concerned about the impact of the material on the fabrics that they’re sewing, as it could break down and cause the underwear to unravel.

But if you look at the history of merino fabric, it actually started out in the mid 1800s, so I think it’s a really nice, durable fabric that’s going to last for years.

I think that’s a fantastic thing for women.

What’s your favourite kind of wool?

A lot of brands have started to look at this and say, “Well, we want to have a softer, more breathable fabric so we can be a little more comfortable.”

I think there’s a lot to be said for that.

I also love the look of it.

I actually love how it feels to be wearing it.

And there are some fabrics that are really soft and feel really great, so that’s always something that I like.

The fact that there’s so much stretch makes it feel really good on the body, as well.

What we want is a really soft, warm fabric that feels comfortable, so we’re going to be working with a lot, and that’s really important for me.

What is your favourite merino material?

I think a lot is down to the particular fabric that you’re using.

There are a lot that are actually really lightweight, which are really comfortable.

And then there are a few that are super stretchy, which I love.

There’s a very limited range, so if you have a lot in your wardrobe, you might find a wool beanies that are a little stretchy or a polyester sweater that’s just so soft, and you can really get the versatility of having that fabric.

The other thing that I love is the way that it feels on my skin.

It does stretch a little bit, but you