The wool underwear craze is here to stay

The wool applique kit craze has made it’s way to the UK, with brands like Wool and Woolie making the rounds.

In an interview with TechCrunch, Woolie founder and CEO, Peter Stuck, said the trend is something that has “never really been seen before”.

“I think wool underwear is an exciting opportunity to do something a bit more special and special for the wearer.

That’s what we do.”

While the brand has been making its own products for years, Stuck says the new style is unique in that it uses an organic cotton fabric that was previously only produced in the US and is then dyed with a special dye.

The company says it is currently developing its own wool and denim fabric that is sourced from Italy.

The new wool underwear range includes a range of styles, including a ‘flirty’ floral-print and a ‘draped’ ‘fluffy’ cotton.

The latter style, Stucky said, is made from “a natural blend of wool and linen” which “comes together in a gorgeous combination of texture and texture.”

Woolie’s new wool products are currently available at Woolies UK store and online, but the brand says it plans to expand the range to other retailers, including Walmart.