‘Chunky’ wool blankets from Woolworths are ‘a steal’

Woolworth’s wool blankets are a “real bargain” at just $25 for a three-month supply.

The range comes in a range of colours and styles.

It includes a “chunky” wool blanket that comes in three styles, the “cute” wool one, the plush wool one and the “wooly” wool and “cotton” one.

The Woolworth-owned stores sell them in packs of four, so you can choose from different colours, fabrics and patterns.

The blanket is a “good investment” for anyone, according to Woolworth spokesperson Kristy Gage.

“We have some of the best deals on Woolworth wool blankets at $25 a month,” she said.

“They come in three colours, patterns, fabrics, sizes, and a range that includes a cute wool blanket.”

Woolworths is the best place to shop for wool blankets.

“It’s a “great deal” for people who love to knit, Gage said, as she pointed out the wool blanket has a range-making capability.”

The wool blankets have a pattern to them that you can add to your knitting project or to any other project,” she told ABC News.”

There are so many different patterns available on the market for the wool blankets.

“And there’s a range making it so that it’s a great deal.”

The Woolies website also features a “wedding and birthday” wool blankets for sale.

They come with a wool sweater, blanket, scarf and earrings.

But you can also choose from “chubby” wool, cotton and wool blanket options, as well as wool jackets and hats.

The price for a Woolworth blanket is $25.