Howdy, the new wool film!

Wool shag rugs have become so popular in India, that they have even been seen in movies, even ones starring actors from the U.S. and Australia.

Now, a new film titled Howdy will bring them to India.

Director G.V. Rajputam said the film, a co-production between the filmmakers and the Mumbai-based producer R.R. Gopala, will chronicle the story of a couple in their 20s who meet and fall in love in a village in the hills of Jharkhand, the southernmost state in India.

Rajputam, who is based in Los Angeles, said the project will highlight how wool is woven, manufactured and consumed in the country.

The film is expected to be released in December.

Ravi Jain, president of the National Association of Wool Traders, said it is an “unprecedented” opportunity to bring wool back to India and that it will help make the industry more attractive for consumers.

“It’s about the connection between wool and India and how people can see the benefits of wool and feel more connected to the industry,” Jain said.

Wool shakrur, or the silk-wool garment, has become such a popular fashion accessory in the past two decades that there have been multiple films, including those starring actors, including American actor Liam Neeson, about it.

The film, about the couple, is expected be released on the company’s website.