How to clean wool rug in under a minute

Wool rugs are among the most common household items in India, where the industry is valued for its durability and cleanliness.

According to industry experts, the most commonly used rugs in India are wool rugs, and a recent study revealed that more than half of all India’s rugs were made of wool.

According to a survey conducted by the government of India, there were over 50,000 registered wool rags in use in India in 2014.

In India, wool rudders are generally used for cleaning, and in India the number of wool rudgies in use has increased by 30 per cent from 2013 to 2014, the survey showed.

A typical wool rattle is made of cotton, which is usually dyed with the same type of dye used for making synthetic fabrics.

The cotton is then washed and dried, and is then rolled in the usual way, with the wool riddle woven into the surface.

The use of ruddles in the house can also be attributed to the popularity of the traditional wool rug, which was used to cover rugs and to mark the boundaries of houses.

It was also a popular way to mark holidays in the country, and many families, especially those in the rural areas, would make their own rugs.

The traditional rugs could be found at almost every home, and they were often made from recycled materials.

For example, some households would buy recycled wool rakes and roll them into a rug, or some households use the wool for the lining of the house.

The process is so simple, that most people don’t know how to wash and dry the wool.

Even the most skilled rudderers have never washed their wool riddles.