I wore the Merino Wool Leggings

I wore a wool coat and leggins in the same day and they were the only things I could wear, I thought.

It was a big deal for me, but it wasn’t something I’d ever wear outside of my comfort zone.

I was lucky to find a great deal at the Macy’s department store, where the wool coats were $13.99.

I chose a $11.99 wool coat.

I wanted to make it my daily wear, so I decided to get some wool legging as well.

I’m a big fan of merino leggies.

Merino is an old wool-like material that has been used for centuries.

It’s a blend of wool and polyester that is highly absorbent and incredibly durable.

The material is soft, comfortable, and incredibly breathable.

I love it because it has a super strong, sturdy feel to it.

The only thing I needed to do was find some merino wool blankets, because the price is way too high.

A few weeks ago, I finally found something that I could finally wear with a wool jacket.

The blanket I purchased came in three colors.

I decided on the light gray because it looked the most comfortable on me and because it was the most affordable option.

I started with the lightest of the three.

The cotton blanket I chose is a Merino Merino, a wool blend that’s used for clothing, hats, and footwear.

It has a softer feel than wool, but I think it has better breathability.

It also has a great stretch to it and is extremely comfortable.

When I bought this blanket, I ordered a pair for $20.

I picked up the $13 wool coat in a few days after the store received my order.

When the next morning I opened up my order and noticed the $11 wool coat was not included.

I was a bit disappointed, but that’s what happens when you’re going for the price tag.

I bought the $10 wool legged blanket and I wore it everyday, so it worked out great.

It worked great for me because I was wearing the coat with a coat when I needed it most.

The next morning, I noticed a couple of other coats in my cart that had similar colors.

These were all wool legs.

These legged blankets were my next priority, and I was very excited to use them.

I ordered the lighter of the two.

The lighter wool blanket I got is a cotton wool leggy one that has a lighter feel than the wool blanket.

I didn’t get the light grey because it had too much stretch.

I think the fabric has a better feel and feel more like a leggin.

The last of the legged coats I ordered were the most expensive.

They were made of a merino yarn, which is a much softer, more breathable material than wool.

This yarn is also very absorbent, which I love.

I wear a wool legger to sleep, so this is the perfect choice.

The first time I tried out these legged merino blankets, they felt amazing on my feet.

I’ve been using them to sleep since then and they are great for comfort and warmth.

My feet don’t get cold when I sleep in them, so these blankets are perfect for me.

The warmest thing I can say about the Merinos I’ve tried is that they’re very comfortable.

I could feel the fabric on my toes and ankles, and the blankets have enough stretch to be comfortable to wear.

I also have a few of these leggeds in my wardrobe and they look great with my other merino items.