Wool socks for men’s toppers?

Yes, we said it, yes, we have a list.

This week, the Wool Products Group, maker of the popular brand, is introducing a new line of wool socks that will make your favorite men’s footwear stand out on your feet.

The new line includes a variety of toppers to help your topper stand out from the crowd.

One topper, called the Wool Slipper, features a high-end leather backing, which is designed to absorb moisture.

Another is called the WOOL Cushion, which will cushion the toe of your shoe and keep your shoe looking soft.

Topper sizes range from 5-inch to 11-inch in diameter, and the socks come in various colors and styles.

The Wool Slippers are available now in men’s and women’s sizes.

In addition to the toppers, the company also has a variety, including a pair of socks with the company’s trademarked logo, WOOL.

The socks are made of polyester, so they can be washed with soap and water and reused.

The company also sells the socks as a single pack for $15.95 at retailers including Walgreens and Target.

The Slippers, a collaboration between Wool and the Woolsock Group, are now available at more than 40 retail locations around the country.

For more information about the Wool products, visit the company website.

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