What is the wool warehouse?

In a bid to revive the wool industry, Israel’s Woolworths has opened a wool warehouse in the countrys capital of Tel Aviv.

The company is hoping to open an additional 100 wool warehouses throughout Israel, with the aim of reaching the 1.5 million-strong wool industry. 

The Woolworth’s warehouse is located on the third floor of a building in the central Tel Aviv neighbourhood of Dizengoff, which has become known as “the Woolworth warehouse”.

“It’s like an old-fashioned warehouse,” the manager of the Woolworth Warehouse told Haaretz.

“We’ve been here for three years, and now we are ready to open our doors.”

The Woolworth is hoping that this will help it to grow its wool production in the future, since there is a need for it to meet growing demand.

“Wool production is a very important sector in Israel, but it’s also a very fragile industry,” the Woolie manager said. 

In the past, Woolworth has only made about 1% of the wool that it sells. 

It is hoped that the new Woolworth stores will help revive the market and boost its output. 

“The Woolie Warehouse in Dizensoff is the best location for our expansion plans,” said the Woolies CEO, Yoav Gonen.

“It has a lot of potential, as well as good facilities and good products.

I hope that the Woolier will be able to offer us even more products.” 

“We have a lot to offer,” said Dizening CEO and owner of the Dizen store, Yael Bar-Tal. 

Bar-Tal, who also works as the Wooly Manager, said that the newly opened Woolworth store will offer more than just wool, but also produce other products like soap and cosmetics. 

According to the Wool’s Manager, Dizeni is the first Woolworth that will open on an industrial scale in Israel. 

Although the Wool Warehouse has only been open for a few months, its manager said that there is no doubt that the facility will be successful.

“There is a lot going on inside,” he said.

“Everything is growing fast, and it is going to be really successful.”