Woolen shop shuts down after three days of shutdown

Woolen shop owners in Sydney’s south-east have shut down their business because of high demand.

Woolen Shop owner Tom Paine said he has been in the business for 40 years and said the company had not been able to compete with the growing popularity of clothing in the city.

“It’s a good business but it’s a tough business because the demand is just incredible and we have a lot of customers who don’t want to pay for the clothing they wear, or the accessories that they wear,” Mr Paine told 7.30.

Mr Paine’s family owns Woolen Shop in Mount Street.

The business has been closed since the beginning of March after it ran out of cash to pay bills and bills had to be written.

A spokesperson for Woolen said they were aware of the situation and that the WoolenShop website was down and the Wool Shop app was unavailable.

He said they did not have any information about the cause of the problem and did not know why the Wool shop had shut down.

There was also a large influx of orders in the area and Woolen was receiving many calls from customers asking for assistance, the spokesperson said.

On Sunday Woolen shut down the entire Woolenshop store in Mount St Stephen after two days of shutting down operations.

It is believed that Woolen has received more than 1,000 calls from people wanting help and the business is being investigated, Mr Pane said.

Mr Pane is not the only one who has had trouble dealing with Woolen over the last week.

Lily Geddes from The Daily Telegraph said the business in her local area had been shut down by Woolen.

She said Woolen had shut off the shop doors and the only thing she could do was wait until the next day.

“They are all closed because they are not profitable and people are getting tired of paying for it,” Ms Gedde said.

“The Woolen staff are struggling to keep their business going and they have got to close it down for the good of the customers.”

WOOLEN IS NOT THE ONLY FACTOR AT RISK of running out of wool in Sydney source News 24 title Woolen says it is ‘at risk’ of running short of wool, but not in the south-west article Woolens Woolen is not in a position to run out of the products it needs to survive.

Its Woolen business in Mount Stewart has been the target of a torrent of customers and complaints since last week’s closure of the Woolshop in Mountstewart.

In the weeks since the WoolShop shut down, Woolen stores have been closing down across the South-West and East, and the South East has seen the most closures, according to Woolen’s Woolen and Leather Manager John Withers.

If Woolen ran out, it would hit its main source of income, the wholesale market.

But Woolen told 7:30 on Monday that it was not worried about running out.

“[Woolens WoolShop] is not at risk of running dry, it’s not going to run on its own and it’s going to continue to provide value for Woolens customers,” Woolen Retail Manager John Woodford said.

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