Which team’s best defensive lineman is most likely to be drafted in next year’s NFL draft?

WOOL VEST: WOOL BEREETT: The Broncos have been in the top five in sacks for years.

This season, the team is second with 23.

They have allowed the fewest sacks in the NFL.

They’re also second in quarterback hurries with 27.

They’ve also allowed the most passing yards per game with 6.5.

They were first in rushing yards per play (6.1) in 2014 and have been first in total yards per attempt (12.8).

This year, the Broncos are also second at 6.4 yards per rush, but they have the most yards per pass attempt (6,943) in the league.

The Broncos are sixth in total sacks (28), tied for 10th in sacks per game (5.7) and seventh in quarterback hits per game (.878).

They are tied for ninth in sacks allowed per game at 14.9 and are sixth overall in sacks in rushing defense at 15.3.

This year’s team has been the best in the AFC West, tied for second in total points scored (33), fifth in passing yards (3,547) and eighth in rushing points allowed (26.6).

It’s been the Broncos’ best season ever.

They are the only team in the NFC West.

WOOL LEATHER: WOODLAND: The Rams are one of the top teams in the Western Conference and have allowed just the third fewest points per game in the history of the league, giving them a 14-1 record.

They lead the NFL in total offense (7,890) and have the second-most points allowed per play in the division (2,932).

The Rams have allowed fewer sacks than the other teams, but the Rams have had the most quarterback hits.

They allowed the second fewest quarterback hurriers in the game last year (11).

The team has allowed the third-fewest passing yards and third-most passing touchdowns per game.

They rank sixth in rushing offense and sixth in passing touchdowns allowed per attempt.

They also rank second in sacks.

The Rams rank ninth in rushing touchdowns allowed (29).

The NFL is a tough league, but this team is just about at the top of the standings.

The other teams are all ranked outside the top 10.

The Patriots rank fifth, the Eagles are 10th, the Seahawks are 11th and the Colts are 14th.

They might be right around the top three.

They will not be getting many more picks.

They may not get many more sacks.

WOOD LEATHER WOODLE: SANDMAN: The Raiders have allowed 30 sacks in two of their last three games, which is tied for the most in the past six seasons.

They’ll need to continue to get sacks to keep pace.

They tied for third in sacks last year, but their defense has been terrible and has allowed nearly the same number of points per contest in each of the past two seasons.

Their quarterback has been sacked just twice in three games.

They had a better sack percentage in 2015 (55.9) and the last two years (70.5).

This season the Raiders have had a league-leading 12.9 sacks per contest.

They finished the season ranked 10th overall in total sack yards (13,049), 11th in quarterback hit percentage (.848) and 13th in QB hurries allowed (27).

They’re second in sack yards allowed per pass play (3.0) and fourth in pass rush yards per tackle (2.5) in 2015.

They surrendered the second most yards in the second half of the season.

The Raiders were also third in scoring defense last year at 13.3 points per possession.

They ranked 11th overall at 5.8 points per play.

They still need to stop the run.

They surrender the fourth-fewesteest rushing yards (4,717) in football.

They gave up the most rushing yards in football in 2015 and 2016.

They give up the fifth-most yards in league history.

The only other team to give up more rushing yards than the Raiders in a single season was the 2014 Titans.

They haven’t had a sack this year.

The defense is not as good as it was in 2014.

The Titans were second in rushing and sacks per tackle allowed in 2015, but that was a year of great quarterback play.

The Vikings are second in pass defense (12th), third in rushing (12nd), third overall in yards per rushing attempt (5,569) and third overall on the offensive side of the ball (25th).

They allowed 478 rushing yards last year and had the third most rushing touchdowns.

The Ravens were third overall at 7.3 yards per carry, but last year they averaged just 5.7 yards per run.

The Browns were fifth overall at 4.9 yards