How to clean wool mattresses

A new wool mattress could soon be in everyone’s hands.

A company in Australia has just announced it has developed a mattress pad which is made of recycled wool and can be cleaned with just water.

It is called WoolPad and is one of a growing number of innovative products being developed by Australian textile makers.

WoolPad is made up of the recycled fabric from wool leopards foot and pelvis.

Its made up mostly of recycled cotton and wool.

Its designed to be used in dry cleaning, washing clothes, mattresses and other products.

Its also been designed to make more efficient use of waste.

“I’m really excited about WoolPad.

We were actually really excited by it,” WoolPad’s CEO, Michael O’Connor, told ABC News.”

We have a lot of different fabrics in the world, so when you think of how we make our clothes, it really depends on how much we recycle, what we’re going to reuse.”

Wool Pad’s design was inspired by the iconic foot of a lion, but is now being used in other areas too.

“In Australia, it’s really important to take care of our land and water, and when we’re cleaning our clothes or cleaning our yard, we need to use recycled materials,” Mr O’Connors told ABC Radio Canberra.

“The idea behind WoolPad is to use a lot less material.”

The WoolPad product can be used as a mattress pad to clean your clothes, but Mr O’s also believes its more efficient and environmentally friendly than traditional fabric pads.

“It’s made of 100 per cent recycled cotton, which is really the most eco-friendly material that we have,” he said.

“You get rid of as much as possible of that as soon as possible.”

The company also hopes to expand its product line to other areas of the world.

“When you think about what’s going on in the climate, and what’s happening with the environment, you can’t just use one product,” Mr Coons told ABC radio.

“So we’re looking at a lot more markets.”

Wootz mattresses are popular in Australia and are popular among some backpackers, with the company recently launching an online store for backpackers.

“They’re just amazing.

You know, the way they sit on you and the way the way you lie down on them, they’re just awesome,” backpacker and WoolPad user, Kaitlyn, told The Drum.”

As far as I’m concerned, I think WoolPad has come a long way since I first used one.”

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