‘Paloma woolen’ jacket: ‘I was really worried’

This is the second time Paloma Woolen Mills has faced a lawsuit from consumers after it sold a product to a company it accused of falsely advertising.

In September, a jury awarded $1.5 million in a class-action lawsuit against the California-based company, accusing it of misleading consumers and selling a false wool coat.

In the suit, the plaintiffs alleged that Paloma advertised the Paloma Womens “Womens Classic” woolen coat, which they said was made from the same “Woolen” fiber used to make other woolen coats.

But the defendants alleged the product contained “false and misleading statements,” including that it could not be washed because it was not washed in a washing machine.

The suit alleged that “Wools” wool coat was “made by a company that falsely claimed to be an independent textile mill, producing the product in China.”

Wool was manufactured by a textile mill in China, according to the suit.

The Paloma brand was eventually pulled from the market and the company was forced to pay $3 million to settle the lawsuit.

But a new lawsuit filed in April claims the company is still selling the “Wormen” wool coats, and alleges the company “used deceptive, misleading and deceptive business practices to mislead consumers into believing that Palomas ‘Womans Classic’ woolen jacket is an independent woolen product, made by a mill that does not produce its product.”

In the lawsuit, the women of the class allege that their claims were “not substantiated” and that the “womens woolen jackets were sold to retailers who have a history of fraudulent and fraudulent business practices.”

The company has also filed a countersuit in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California.