Woolen cap with wool applique kit, woolen wool hair

Woolen caps are getting some love.

A pair of wool hats have been making the rounds on Etsy and Etsy sellers are selling them on eBay.

Some sellers are calling them the “wool cap of the future.”

Here are a few more examples:A Woolen hat with wool hair embroidered with wool,coppers, and wool beads.

A hat made with wool wool, cotton, and nylon.

The hat has wool on the brim, but not the head.

A Woolens hat with a woven wool appliqué kit.

A wool hat made from wool and wool accessories.

A Woolen Hat with a Woolen Embroidered Hat.

A piece of wool embroidered on a hat.

A piece of cotton appliqued on a wool hat.

A handmade wool hat for kids with a piece of yarn appliqués on it.

A wool hat with an appliquée kit, and a pair of twill socks.

A woven wool hat, made with cotton and wool, is available for $15 on Etsy.

A crochet pattern for a wooly hat is available on Etsy for $12.

A hat made of wool with an embroidered bow, made from cotton and nylon, for $9.95.

A handmade wooly cap made of twine.

A knit wool hat is $12, which is pretty reasonable for a hat with twill.

A twill hat made out of wool is $13.

The first example of this style is the Woolen Cap with wool hat from Etsy seller Yurika-N.

This hat has a woven brim, and the appliquemps are all woven wool.

It’s a little hard to see in the photos, but the wool hat has the wool appliques on the top of the brim.

There are also appliques on the front of the hat, which look like a fabric lining.

This pattern is available to buy on Etsy, and it has the applique designs on the back.

The second example is a Woolens Hat with Twill and Embroidery Hat.

This version is made with twilene wool, and there are embroidered appliquements on the hat’s front.

It also has a bow, which seems to be made from a twill fabric.

The third example is from Etsy, where the Woolens Cap with Wool Hat is for $30.

The Hat with twills is $27, and this one is for a little more than $30 on Etsy too.

The Twill hat with appliquettes is available as a crochet pattern on Etsy as well.

This hat was originally for sale on Etsy last year for $35.

This is the second time it’s been sold for that amount on Etsy after the original was for $20.

The original price of $35 for a Woolend hat is now $22.50.

I’d love to see a similar style of hat for sale that is also made out from twill and knitted.

This style of wool hat could be worn with a wool coat, as the twill looks like it could be woven in a different way than the other types of wool used in the hat.