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Merino wool blankets for your baby

Merino sheep wool blankets are the perfect soft and cozy addition to any newborn baby’s crib.They’re also easy to care for and make a perfect gift.Merino wool is one of the world’s most sustainable and most durable materials.The fluffy material is made of 100% Merino.Merino is a renewable resource, with its energy coming from sunlight […]

How to dress like an immigrant and keep it off in the US

A new book says the best way to look like an American is to wear an American style wool hat.The author, Michelle Dickey, is a professor at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.She is the author of “The American Wool Hat.”The book, “The Wools and Wigs of America: The Definitive Guide to American Wools” is […]

Nike unveils new slippers and slippers with wool inserts, wool lining and synthetic soles.

Nike is coming out with new slipper and slipper-like products in a new range.The first in the new collection, which will be launched on October 12, is a wool slip.The slippers feature a wool lining, wool sole, and synthetic rubber soles, with a colour palette inspired by the classic sportswear of the 1930s.The wool slipper […]

How to wear a wool sweater

Wool sweaters are a staple for most of us and the best wool sweaters for men can be found in the NFL and the NFL-affiliated MLB.This year, released a list of the top five wool sweater brands that have released a wool shirt.The list, compiled by The Wool Co., includes Wool Sweaters, Wool and […]

How to find the best wool fabric for wool clothing

WOOL INNOVATION MERINO WOOL MERINO is a wool fabric with a unique blend of the merino and alpaca fibers.It is an ultra-lightweight, highly absorbent fabric, which makes it a great choice for casual wear, while also providing a comfortable, lightweight alternative to a more traditional fabric for winter coats.It’s a blend of three main fiber […]

The best pair of slippers ever, and why you should buy them

We’re in the final stage of our “Best Slippers Ever” series, and the winners of last month’s “Best Skins” were the most popular pair of wool slipper slippers on eBay.We can’t wait to see how they stack up against the other top sellers, so we’ll be updating this article every Tuesday with our picks for […]